Thursday, July 10, 2008



Friday 11th July 6-9pm:
publication launch event and exhibition preview to mark the completion of
Five Years Periodical Vol 1

EXHIBITION (until Sunday 13/07 Gallery Open Sat & Sun 1 - 6pm):

aas Jo Addison Michelle Deignan Edward Dorrian Rochelle Fry Alexander Haßenflug Marc Hulson Cedar Lewisohn Louisa Minkin Sally Morfill Susan Morris Esther Planas Alex Schady Francis Summers Alice Walton

PERIODICAL nos 1 – 4 (available at the gallery):

Edward Dorrian Alex Schady Jo Addison Alice Walton Esther Planas Louisa Minkin Lucy Wood Rochelle Fry Michelle Deignan Claire De Jong Lisa Castagner Theo Cowley Jayne Parker Bjørn Venø Marc Hulson Susan Morris Mathew Hale Alexander Haßenflug Rita Nowak Laurence North Cedar Lewisohn Sally Morfill aas Hanna-Mari Blencke Heike Kelter Jasmin Cibic Pete Moss Francis Summers Neil Ferguson Anthony Griffin Charles Harrowell Matthew Vincent-Townend Neil Ferguson Simon Wells Guy Beckett Mike Watson Anouchka Grose David Selden

The purpose of the periodical is to provide a parallel space to Five Years gallery: artists who have exhibited at Five Years are invited to publish new work relating to their gallery show. Each issue covers three months in the exhibition programme and includes a written piece by a guest contributor.

Volume 1 (comprising issues 1 - 4) of the periodical covers projects at Five Years from its opening in February 2007 through to February 2008. 'Volume One' is a two day exhibition of works by some of the contributors to the first year of the exhibition programme.

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