Friday, July 8, 2016

Five Years group installation at Sluice Independent Art Fair

Alex Schady
Edward Dorrian
Esther Planas
Francis Summers
Jo Addison 
Ladies of the Press
Louisa Minkin
Marc Hulson
Mary Maclean
Michael Murphy
Rochelle Fry
Sally Morfill                                                                                               Alice Walton
For Sluice, members of Five Years have contributed individually to three collaborative / collective works:
  1. Black Watercolours
  2. Table
  3. Poster
Each is presented as a fragmented whole, reflecting Five Years organisational principles. 
For the wall 6 artists have produced works in watercolour on paper using only the colour black. 
For the table 12 artist have  contributed works in any form or media measuring no more than two foot square at the base. 

One side of the poster reproduces a composite image overlaying drawings by Five Years members: each was originally produced on an A4 sheet with no part of the drawing touching the edges. The reverse presents a text composed of excerpts from the press releases for invdividual members’ projects at Five Years: in each section names and references to individuals have been removed and substituted with ‘we’.